Commissioned ladies T Shirt Design for our friends at Braai Republic


As I was posted before, in May myself and Korean Artists A=B & DEKAL made a piece of work as part of the Northern Print Flaming Prints Social Media Exhibition

Thanks to our good friends John Breitfuss & Per Branevig we have some high quality shots of the event!

Please take a few to watch the slide show…

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Flaming Prints

On Saturday we got to participate in an amazing event celebrating the 2012 Olympics in London.

It was a 24 hour around the world “printathon” the event starting and finishing in the Northern Print Studio, Newcastle  with the theme being ‘flame’.

Each studio had 3 hours to produce work and as with art work I am always a believer that bigger is better, we went for a 3X1.5 meter mixed media piece. Myself, Korean Screen Printing hero DEKAL and his partner A=B began at 2pm and after a load of beer, coffee and chicken sandwiches managed to finish just after 5pm.

It was an incredible event, you can see some of the photos here, PHOTOS,  however my studio is pretty cramped and I was just using my ipod to take photos at the time.

We should have some much better pictures coming up over the next week.

One of my absolute favourite photographers is Jamel Shabazz, my “back in the days series” uses characters from his work. I stumbled across this sweet video put together by Mr 4letters and had to share- enjoy

New Paper Cut