The last part of updating, drove up to Namisum 2 Fridays ago, me and my brother Min, banging out Ramones and Clash records, out of my one working speaker in the towner, all the way.

After a night of Soju and red meat, we took the short ferry trip over to the island the next day and put the exhibition together.My large paper cut was tough to get up but really pleased with the result.

The best thing about exhibiting in Namisum is that it it is such a public place. The gallery is a central part of the island and I’m so honoured that my work will be seen by so many over the coming month.

Namisum is cherished in Korea and there are so many visitors coming through from all parts of the world, especially Thailand, Indonesia and China. The reason is that a lot of Korean dramas and movies are shot on the island and these movies have huge followings all over Asia, making Namisum a must see place for tours.

It’s an incredibly beautiful place, and amazingly not so much of a theme park feel about it, which is rare for this country.

Below is the exhibition, step by step, so please enjoy strolling through…

Warning… Konglish is used in this exhibition!


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